Issue Activity

Issue activities are the history of all the changes that happened to the issue like property changes etc.

GET    /api/v1/workspaces/:slug/projects/:project_id/issues/:issue_id/activities/
GET    /api/v1/workspaces/:slug/projects/:project_id/issues/:issue_id/activities/:activity_id/

Issue Activity Object


  • created_at timestamp

    The timestamp of the time when the project was created

  • updated_at timestamp

    The timestamp of the time when the project was last updated

  • verb string

    created or updated

  • field string or null

    The field that got changed null when created

  • old_value string

    Old value of the field

  • new_value string

    New value of the field

  • comment string

    Comment auto generated

  • attachments - [url,]

    Url of all the attachments that are in the activity

  • old_identifier uuid

    Old identifier of the field

  • new_identifier uuid

    New identifier of the field

  • epoch float

    Epoch float field when the activity was created.

  • project uuid

    It contains projects uuid which is automatically saved.

  • workspace uuid

    It contains workspace uuid which is automatically saved

  • issue uuid

    The issue the activity is attached to

  • issue_comment uuid or null

    The comment uuid if the activity was created due to a comment

  • actor uuid

    The actor who triggered this actor

    "id": "35612f5b-3eff-4130-b91c-c976ff887a20",
    "created_at": "2023-11-19T11:56:55.452555Z",
    "updated_at": "2023-11-19T11:56:55.452561Z",
    "verb": "created",
    "field": null,
    "old_value": null,
    "new_value": null,
    "comment": "created the issue",
    "attachments": [],
    "old_identifier": null,
    "new_identifier": null,
    "epoch": 1700395015.0,
    "project": "4af68566-94a4-4eb3-94aa-50dc9427067b",
    "workspace": "cd4ab5a2-1a5f-4516-a6c6-8da1a9fa5be4",
    "issue": "e1c25c66-5bb8-465e-a818-92a483423443",
    "issue_comment": null,
    "actor": "16c61a3a-512a-48ac-b0be-b6b46fe6f430"