Modules are smaller, focused projects that help you group and organize issues within a specific time frame. They allow you to break down your work into manageable chunks and track progress towards specific goals or objectives.

POST   /api/v1/workspaces/:slug/projects/:project_id/modules/
GET    /api/v1/workspaces/:slug/projects/:project_id/modules/
GET    /api/v1/workspaces/:slug/projects/:project_id/modules/:module_id/
PATCH  /api/v1/workspaces/:slug/projects/:project_id/modules/:module_id/
DELETE /api/v1/workspaces/:slug/projects/:project_id/modules/:module_id/

Module Object


  • name string(required)

    Name of the module

  • description string

    Description of the module

  • description_html string

    Description in HTML format

  • start_date date

    Start date of the module

  • target_date date

    Estimated date to complete the module

  • created_at timestamp

    The timestamp of the time when the project was created

  • updated_at timestamp

    The timestamp of the time when the project was last updated

  • status

    It describes the status of the module

    The status can be

    • backlog
    • planned
    • in-progress
    • paused
    • completed
    • cancelled
  • view_props

    It store the filters and the display properties selected by the user to visualize the issues in the module

  • sort_order

    It gives the position of the module at which it should be displayed

  • created_by , updated_by uuid

    These values are auto saved and represent the id of the user that created or updated the module

  • Project uuid

    It contains projects uuid which is automatically saved.

  • Workspace uuid

    It contains workspace uuid which is automatically saved

  • lead uuid

    Lead of the module

	"id": "b69b19ae-261f-428c-899f-dd58efaa36c0",
	"created_at": "2023-11-19T11:48:21.130161Z",
	"updated_at": "2023-11-19T11:48:21.130168Z",
	"name": "module stesting",
	"description": "",
	"description_text": null,
	"description_html": null,
	"start_date": null,
	"target_date": null,
	"status": "planned",
	"view_props": {},
	"sort_order": 55535.0,
	"created_by": "0649cb9d-05c8-4ef4-8e8b-d108ccddd42c",
	"updated_by": "0649cb9d-05c8-4ef4-8e8b-d108ccddd42c",
	"project": "6436c4ae-fba7-45dc-ad4a-5440e17cb1b2",
	"workspace": "c467e125-59e3-44ec-b5ee-f9c1e138c611",
	"lead": null,
	"members": []
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