Since April 15 when Plane One was announced, we have communicated on our website and Discord that One will have one workspace linked to one domain and one license.

By domain, we mean something like domain.tld or subdomain.domain.tld that you set up to access Plane.
This was a carefully deliberate move driven entirely by what Plane stands for and what it should enable from a product point of view.

Workspaces → Teams

To align the product better with the ethos of collaboration, we will introduce Teams, functional groups within a workspace housing projects mapped to real-world teams or coalitions of members with shared responsibilities for goals and tasks. This change will roll out backwards to the Community Edition + the hosted Cloud and forwards to our self-hosted Enterprise Edition for all our paid plans.

Teams will come to One toward the end of June 2024.

Why this change

Plane was conceived, designed, and built for cross-functional collaboration, going beyond just your team or company to include customers. Features like Inbox, Publish, and Pages unlock that unique-to-Plane collaboration and will work with other forthcoming paid features. While workspaces have enabled essential separation of team- or org-specific data, we have come to realize they create silos that render our collaboration features moot.

The short-term plan for One

Because Teams isn’t here and we don’t want to delay getting One into your hands until Teams launches, we will map your Community Edition to One as-is. Meaning, all your workspaces will come to One for a period of three weeks or so. In that time, we will refine and add the finishing touches to Teams. When ready, your One instance will get an update to enable Teams.

Existing workspaces

You will create a default workspace or choose one from your existing workspaces to be the default, as the case may be. All other workspaces will turn into teams in your default workspace. Projects in other workspaces will become team projects in your default workspace.

The default workspace

Think of it as your org-wide parent in Plane. It will house teams, members, projects, and organizational settings.

Other workspaces going forward

While we recommend having just one workspace, there are cases when you need more than one workspace, especially when you are managing data-sensitive clients. We don’t want to put restrictions on the creation of workspaces by instance. Meaning, you can create other workspaces should you need to on the same instance, but only with a new license even if it’s the Free plan or the Community Edition. Each workspace going forward will be linked to a license that becomes the unique identifier between you and us for all workspace management needs.

This unlocks new ways of using workspaces. For example, you could have a One-licensed workspace internally, then a Free workspace for a client, then another Pro-licensed workspace for another client. Billing becomes simpler and more predictable for you.

To answer an obvious question, we can’t turn existing workspaces into the new license-linked workspaces retroactively because of how we were architected in the past. We can only do that going forward.

For questions about this, please reach out to us on Discord.