After you purchase Plane One, you can log in to our customer portal( and find your license in the portal.

You can also choose to buy multiple Plane One licenses from here and post your purchase you can see all of them listed here.

Manage licenses

After you login, you can find all the licenses listed in a single place. All licenses, will show the key and the domain attached to the purchase. This makes it easy to identify which license corresponds to which domain, should you choose to buy multiple licenses.

View license details

Once you select a license from the list, you quickly get information on how to setup plane one via our suggested setup methods. You can also download the invoice for your Plane One purchase here and copy your license key

We will soon add health metrics of your instance in this page, so that you can also monitor the health of your Plane One instance here.

Buy a new plane one license

Within the customer portal, you can buy a new license for Plane One directly and self-host a new instance of Plane One.