View types

In Plane, you can create two different types of views:

  1. Workspace views: These are views created at the workspace level and are available to everyone. Some default views are provided for everyone and cannot be removed.

  2. Project views: These views are created within the project and are accessible to all members of the project. This feature is turned on by default and can be toggled from the project settings.

Currently, all views you create are accessible to everyone in the project or workspace, depending on the type of view you create. We will soon add the capability to create private and shared views to prevent clutter in your workspace/project for everyone.

Create views

To create a project view from scratch, press V within your project or click on the “+New view” button in the project’s views.

Create view
Alternatively, you can spin off a view from filters applied in project, module, or cycle issues. When creating a view, provide a name to save it.
Create view from existing

A workspace view can only be created by clicking on the “+New view” in the “All issues” tab.

Learn more about how to apply filters here. After creating a view, you can share the link to collaborate and investigate with members.

Investigating with views

After creating a view, you can adjust the layout, organize information by grouping or sorting, or filter to find relevant issues.

Views created in a workspace are only visualized with the spreadsheet layout, while project views have access to all layouts. You can learn more about the layouts and grouping options here.

Update views

After creating a view, any modification to its filters will prompt you to update the view. Additionally, you can choose to change the name, description, and filters explicitly from the list of views by selecting the “edit view” option corresponding to the view you wish to update.

Remove views

You can remove views by deleting them from the list of views in your workspace or project. Deleting a view has no impact on the associated issues.