Workspace home

Once logged in and within a workspace, the home page reflects your involvement in issues - those assigned to you, created by you, and completed by you. You can readily identify both due and overdue issues. Additionally, you have the option to view issues assigned to you categorized by their state and priority. Your recent activities, projects, and collaborators are also easily accessible on the home page.


Workspace notifications

Notifications in your workspace account include updates on issues you’ve created, are assigned to, or have subscribed to. These notifications can be found in the notifications section of your workspace account. They encompass:

  • Changes in issue state or properties made by others
  • Mentions of you on issues
  • Comments added to issues
  • Issues created and assigned to you

Moreover, if you’ve activated Email notifications, you’ll receive these notifications via email as well.


Workspace profile

Access your workspace profile from the side-navigation bar by clicking on your name’s initial/profile picture and selecting “View profile”

Profile dropdown

Your workspace profile consolidates information regarding your individual work and progress. It includes your workload, activity log, and a breakdown of issues by status and priority. Additionally, you’ll find a list of all the issues assigned to you, created by you, and explicitly subscribed.

Profile activity