Create a project

To create a new project in your workspace, you can press P or navigate to the Projects tab in your workspace and click on ”+ New project”.

When creating a project, you need to specify the following project attributes:

  • Name: The name of the project.
  • Identifier: Attached to every issue in the project to track and differentiate them across projects and the workspace. You can update the identifier, which replaces the ID string on the issue.
  • Access: Set to either Private or Public. When made public, all workspace users can join the project. When set to private, admins need to invite workspace members to join.
  • Description (Optional): Add a description to help workspace members understand the project’s purpose.
  • Lead (Optional): Identify whom to reach out to for queries related to the project’s execution.

These options can be edited later under the General tab inside Project > Settings.

Create project

Configure project features

After creating a project, you can toggle specific features based on your requirements. Here are the features you can toggle:

  • Cycles: Timebox issues in your project to build momentum.
  • Modules: Group issues logically together. An issue can have multiple modules.
  • Views: Analyze and investigate issues by adding filters and saving them as views.
  • Pages: Document information, ideas, and guides related to your project.
  • Inbox: Capture requests for your project and accept them to add to your workflow.
Project features

Add and manage members

To add members to a project, they must first be part of the workspace. Invite them to the workspace.

For each member invited to the project, you can assign roles just like in the workspace. Manage roles with options including Admin, Member, Guest, and Viewer. You can also update them later.

If you want every issue to be assigned, you can set a default assignee for times when an issue is created without any assignees.

Project members

Remove project

You can delete a project to completely remove it. Once deleted, all corresponding issues, cycles, views, modules, and pages are also fully deleted. Currently, Plane doesn’t provide a way to recover a deleted project.

Soon, we’ll introduce a feature to archive projects, enabling you to hide projects that are not in focus from your navigation bar.