Any project you build in Plane can be turned into a public page, creating a fully navigable website. This feature will make it easier for your users and customers know what features you’re on or when bug fixes are rolling out. No sign-up’s required.

How to deploy your Plane project

Any project on Plane can be made public with Plane Deploy with just few clicks. Note that this feature can be only accessed by Admins or Owners of a certain workspace. Following are the steps to deploy a project in Plane.

  • Open the Plane workspace and navigate to the specific project you aim to deploy.
  • Locate the ellipsis (...) icon adjacent to the project name. Click on this icon to reveal the project settings menu.
  • From the dropdown menu, select the Publish option. This action will trigger a modal dialog window.
  • In the displayed modal window, you will find various options to configure your public board settings.
  • After finalizing your settings, click the Publish button. You will be immediately redirected to your newly created public board.

Plane Deploy Features

Plane Deploy Layouts

You can deploy your projects in two layouts: Kanban and List. If you want to allow others to view your project boards in both layouts, you can enable them. If your projects have a specific focus, choose the layout that suits you best.

Soon Plane Deploy supports Gantt and Spreadsheet layouts as well.

Attribute Privacy

Visible Attributes

  • Project Name
  • Project Issues
    • Issue ID
    • Issue Title
    • Issue Description
    • Issue State, Due-date, Priority
    • Issue Comments (Public Comments ✅ | Private Comments 🚫)
    • Issue Reactions + user_names of reacted users
    • Issue Upvote and Downvote + user_names of reacted users

Non-Visible Attributes

  • Private Comments
  • Project Attachments
  • Issue Links
  • Issue Props - Blocking, Blocked_by
  • Project Cycles
  • Project Modules
  • Project Settings
  • Project Members

User Commenting

When enabled before deployment, users can sign up on the public board and add comments to issues. This feature is useful for collecting feedback and tracking progress.

Project members can comment in either public or private mode. Private comments are visible only to project members, while public comments can be viewed on both internal and public boards.

Upvotes and Downvotes

When enabled, users can upvote or downvote any issue on the deployed board. This helps project managers or owners prioritize which issues need attention.

Issue Reactions

When this feature is enabled, users can react to issues on the public board using predefined emoticons. This provides a quick way for team members and the public to express their sentiments about specific issues, aiding in gauging overall opinion and urgency.

Public Commenting and Private Commenting

This feature allows for both public and private comments on issues. Public comments can be seen by anyone who has access to the public board, offering a transparent way to gather community input. Private comments, on the other hand, are only visible to project members, allowing for internal discussions that are not disclosed to the public.

Free Domain

Plane Deploy provides an option to host your public board on a free domain. This makes it even more accessible and straightforward for your audience to engage with your project. No additional setup or domain registration is required; simply choose this option during the publishing process, and your public board will be instantly accessible via the free domain.