Core concepts

Power K

Power K, formerly called the Command Menu or just CMD + K, is a list of shortcuts to actions you can take in Plane. It is your quick, keyboard-first, Plane navigator that offers several wishlist accessways to Plane’s destinations.


The power of Power K

  • Remember just a few words from the titles of anything in Plane? Power-K it. As you start typing, issues, cycles, and modules from your project matching your search term will start showing up. Untitled

  • Expand the scope of this search to include projects in your workspace with just a toggle—powerful when you have several projects and are hunting an issue in all of them. Untitled

    Roadmap item

    Search profiles, comments, and issue descriptions

Quick access

  • Workspace and preference settings

    Quickly toggle between light and dark mode or access workspace settings for APIs and Webhooks in just two clicks. Untitled

  • Keyboard shortcuts

    Get to your list of keyboard shortcuts with the Power K menu in two steps. Untitled

  • Documentation and Support

    Chat with us, see our docs, or report a bug—all from the Power K menu.


  • Create anything—projects, issues, cycles, modules, views, pages, and even workspaces, using Power K's create options. create_project.mp4

  • Press ⌘ + K on an issue page to change states, priority, assignments or just to copy issue links. Untitled


    What else should Power K, empower? Let us know.