Import from Jira

  1. Access workspace settings: Begin by navigating to the workspace settings page within Plane. Click on the “Importers” tab to initiate the import process.
  2. Start Jira importer: Within the “Importers” tab, locate the Jira section and click on the import button to activate the Jira Importer feature.
  3. Provide Jira information: Upon installation, you’ll be prompted to provide essential Jira information:
    • Jira personal access token: Generate this token by visiting the provided link and paste it into the designated field.
    • Jira project key: Enter the unique project identifier found in front of all issue IDs in Jira.
    • Jira email address: Provide the email address associated with your Jira account.
    • Jira installation or cloud host name: Enter the host URL found in your Jira project URL, excluding “http” or “https”.
    • Import to project: Select the Plane project where you want the Jira issues to be transferred and click next to proceed.
  4. Review import options: On the next screen, review the available import options, including the number of issues, states, modules, labels, and users. Additionally, choose whether to import Epics. Once done, click on next to proceed.
  5. Customize user settings: In this step, customize user settings by making choices for each user:
    • Invite by email: Invite users via email.
    • Map to existing: Map users from Jira to existing users in Plane.
    • Do not import: Choose not to import certain users.
  6. Final approval: After customizing user settings, confirm the import to initiate the process. Once completed, all your Jira issues will be visible in your designated Plane project.

With these simple steps, seamlessly import your Jira issues into Plane, ensuring smooth project management and collaboration across platforms. Experience enhanced efficiency and productivity as you consolidate your project data in one centralized location.