If you’re self-hosting Plane and you’ve opted in to provide us with anonymous usage data (thank you!), Plane will phone home some data collected via Posthog.

We collect the instance admin emails to communicate in crucial scenarios like checkpoint releases or large migrations.

The anonymous data we collect

We don’t collect any other usernames, emails or the issue titles, descriptions details of any kind, or any personally identifiable information (PII).

The anonymous data helps us understand how people are actually using Plane, which in turn helps us Prioritize what to work on next.

Examples of the anonymous data we collect and how we use it

We track some basic events in an anonymised way to find opportunities for improving the product and evaluating project outcomes.

We collect events in the product like:

  • When you create an issue or filter a view.
  • When you add a table block in a page.
  • When you invite a user.

This anonymous data helps us figure out things like:

  • Which features you’re using.
  • Where people get stuck.
  • How performance for key workflows (like querying or loading) changes over time.

Opting out of anonymous usage data collection for self-hosted Plane instances

If you’re self-hosting Plane, you can opt out of providing us with your anonymous usage data:

  1. Login to the god-mode (/god-mode).
  2. Click General settings.
  3. Toggle off the Telemetry option.

If you’re in the process of setting up your Plane, you can also toggle off tracking during the Usage Data Preferences onboarding step. We collect a few anonymous events before that point, but won’t do so anymore if you choose to opt out.