Plane offers an interface to configure Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and SSL for encrypted email communication.

Navigate to Email in /god-modeand you will see ↓.

  • Host
    The address of your SMTP server.
  • Port
    The port for outgoing emails.
  • Sender email address
    The email address you wish to use as the sender of emails.
  • Email security
    Toggle TLS or SSL as the email security layer for your emails. If you do not wish to use either of them, you can choose the No email security option.
  • Authentication
    You can configure the username and password to authenticate the SMTP server to send emails. It’s an optional configuration, but we would advise you to provide authentication details for a secure email delivery experience.
    • Username
      Specify the username for the SMTP configuration here.
    • Password
      Specify the password for the SMTP configuration here.

Amazon SES

  1. Sign in to
  2. Navigate to SMTP Settings in the sidebar.
  3. Click Create My SMTP Credentials.
  4. Follow prompts to create a user in the Create User for SMTP dialog box, then click Create.
  5. Select Show User SMTP Credentials to view the user’s SMTP credentials.
  6. Return to your Plane instance’s /god-mode and enter the obtained details.

Ensure to review email quotas for your Amazon SES server. Consider managing email recipients using groups to optimize usage.