TextUsed for body content in your editor, such as paragraph text.
Heading 1 (H1)Defines the main title of the page, representing the most important heading. Used only once per page.
Heading 2 (H2)Defines main sections within the content, acting as subheadings under the H1 and further outlining the content structure.
Heading 3 (H3)Defines subsections within the H2 sections, providing further organization within the content structure.
To doDescribes items with a pending or completed state, primarily used for tasks that need to be completed.
Bullet listDescribes a list of unordered items.
Numbered listDescribes a list of ordered items.
TableStructured content inside a set of rows and columns.
QuoteUseful for citing excerpts from sources or highlighting important information.
CodeA formatted section of text displaying code or command-line input/output verbatim.
ImageEmbeds images into the editor to display visual content.
DividerA visual separator between two sections, enabling clear division between content.
Issue embedReferences issues directly in the editor to track details and progress.